Shavers for Bald Heads

Electric Shavers for Bald Heads

Looking for the best electric shavers for bald heads? There are quite a lot of shaver brands/models out there ideal for bald heads but how are you going to choose the right shaver for you. Not all shavers that claim to be the best may work well with you,hence choosing the right device may be important to get the best shaving performance.

There are a wide range of top shaver models available you may consider and in this article, I am going to name four of the leading brands that are used by individuals with bald heads because of their performance and quality.

Top Electric Shavers for Bald Heads

It always makes sense to get the best product to shave your head. This is to eliminate irritation, cuts, nicks and allergies due to the wrong choice of shaver. Some may even present poor quality providing unsatisfactory result and ending up tossing your shaver in the trash can.If you want to regularly shave your head and avoid the pain of having the inappropriate shaving device, take a look into these leading electric shavers ideal for bald heads.


The company HeadBlade makes a whole line dedicated for us who are so blessed from above to have a bald head.  They stop with nothing short of perfection with their HeadBlade S4 Scalp Razor.  This bad boy just looks cool but was built from the ground up to follow the curve of your head and leave no hair behind! The only negative comment I saw was about the blades.  One customer recommended the double blade Atras which work infinitely better for him.

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The Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving system is one of the most popular electric shavers and ideal for head use. It includes a wet and dry shaving system which provides users the flexibility to choose their preference when it comes to shaving their head.

Since Panasonic ES8228S comes with a rotating head, it provides easy movement and glides along with the contours of the head without razor burns and scratches that ordinary razors normally create.

It is a foil-based shaver which means that the blades don’t directly touch the skin yet moves smoothly onto the skin cutting different length of hairs for a polished result. This may be ideal for sensitive skin as well since it may not cause irritation as it trails the hair growth whichever way they are growing.

Braun series 7 is part of Braun’s range of electric shavers. Series 7-760cc in particular incorporates Pulsonic technology that allows the shaver to capture more hair strands with its 10,000 micro vibrations for quick and superior quality shaving performance.

For people who are always on the go and need a fast and excellent device to shave their heads, this may be a great option.

Aside from the fact that it leaves your head squeaky clean from hair with lesser time, the shaver has an automatic cleaning system that keeps it clean and fresh anytime you use it.

Aside from its aesthetic, Philips Norelco 1280x/42 may be a better option to have a clean shaven head.

The Gyroflex 3D system provides a super-close and comfortable shave minus the hassles that you can get with other shavers and it smoothly glides on the skin following the contours of the face or head.

The shaver head moves and bends along with curves so that makes your shaving time fun and convenient. It has also a wet & dry system which makes it possible for you to shave with or without a cream or gel. Not to mention its jet clean system which helps in lubricating, charging and cleaning your shaver, ever ready when you need to use it.

To be able to benefit from their maximum utility, make sure to conform to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and before shaving your head, take a hot shower to open up hair follicles for easy shaving. Electric shavers for bald heads are a convenient way to have a smooth and close shave in the head.